Getz Group
Founded in 1852 by Joseph and Max Getz, the Getz Group started out as a humble general store in California. Over two centuries, the Group expanded internationally, across 36 countries with more than 80 offices to date. With strong roots in Asia Pacific, the Getz Group has business in Japan, Hong Kong, China, Australia, Thailand, Singapore, Taiwan, Philippines, India, the UAE, Pakistan and many more…

Getz Singapore
Getz Bros. & Co. (Singapore) Pte Ltd was established in 1917 as a subsidiary of Getz International Inc. and has grown its business through strategic product development. Over a century, we have matured into a market leader in the region and strive to be a visionary example for the industry.

Through experience and expertise that is developed over a hundred years, we help our customers to actively procure, manage and install architectural finishes for commercial projects within the region.

Decision makers are constantly in search of the right balance between technical specifications, aesthetics and cost considerations. We respond by understanding the unique requirements of every project and curating the brands that we represent so that our customers can continue to make better decisions in architectural finishes. From flooring and ceiling solutions to wall protection systems, we partner with industry leading brands that embody our quest for uncompromising quality.

Operating out of our main headquarters in Singapore with offices in Hong Kong and Thailand, our portfolio includes major governmental infrastructure and commercial projects; from transportation hubs and hospitals to hotels and office spaces.

Getz (Singapore) is uniquely located within the local, regional and international market through the Getz Group global connection. With an extensive network of over 50 offices across 24 countries, we are strategically situated in a position of potential expansion for our business.

Promoting our products locally and regionally is our primary focus and we engage in marketing activities and International Fairs to achieve our goals. We seek suitable partners who are interested in establishing long-lasting relationships, and to be a part of our products’ promotion and distribution process on an international scale.

We strive to be innovative and constantly seek to introduce new materials with specific and versatile applications for the Building Construction and Architectural industry. With a larger variety of our product portfolio, we hope to achieve a wider circle of suppliers and more brand partnerships.

If you are interested in a partnership or seek to enter the Singapore market through us, click here to contact us and we will get back to you shortly.



we are MATURE
With over 100 years of experience, Getz (Singapore) is a mature company with extensive knowledge and expertise to anticipate and respond to the changing market demands.

we are GLOBAL
The Getz Group has over 50 offices across 24 different countries and Getz (Singapore) is a proud part of this international connection.

we are TRUSTED
Serving more than just the bottom line, we seek to create a holistic experience for our clients and our after sales-support makes us a trusted brand in the industry.

We have developed our own in-house brands that surpass industry standards and are constantly seeking new methods of innovation.

we understand ECONOMICS
We are always ahead of the game when it comes to the changing dynamics of our regional and international economy. We source and supply globally to ensure the best economic sense and affordability for our clients.

we nurture PARTNERSHIP
We seek long-lasting relationships with our suppliers and customers and strive to maintain and establish trust with all our partners.

we acknowledge DESIGN
As a co-sponsor for SIA-Getz AWARD for emerging architects in Asia, we hope to promote the industry through our support and acknowledgement of great sustainable designs.

We support the Green Earth movement and echo this support through the introduction of several green label and recyclable products within our product portfolio.