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Getz (Singapore) is the main distributor of all Armstrong Flooring's Carpet series in Singapore. Armstrong Flooring has history dates back more than 150 years, and has achieved many milestones throughout the many years of experience. One of the notable milestones include the innovation of the patented Diamond 10® Technology that enables flooring to stand the tests of time and traffic. It is made with cultured diamonds and ranks a 10 on the Mohs Scale of mineral hardness. Diamond 10 Technology is also expanded across most categories of Armstrong Flooring's portfolio to provide enhanced resistance to scratches, stains, and scuffs.

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Armstrong Flooring Carpet

  • PRO-CARE Fiber — Rich in color and easy to clean with high color fastness
  • PRO-CARE Self+ Guard — Carpet surface treatment for three dimensions (waterproof, anti-oil, and anti-fouling) provides comprehensive protection to make daily cleaning easy
  • PRO-CARE Ag+ Guard — Using the most advanced Ag+ silver ion, which continuously prohibits a bacterial component, results in lasting and effective protection against various bacteria breeding
  • PRO-CARE Backing — The whole product line uses the unique PRO-CARE Backing with ortho-benzene plasticizer. In line with the latest EU regulation, benzene-based plasticizers have been adopted to make our products much safer and less toxic for both the environment and users
  • PRO-CARE Sticker — Non-toxic and environmentally friendly transparent adhesive sticker that is an efficient, convenient and economical new installation method without glue


The pale winter sun shines dull and barely discernible through layers of branches covered in freshly fallen snow. A light wind carries the breeze as snow blows from atop the branches, leaving a sense of blur lingering in light and shadow. While walking through the woods and leaving footprints behind, the heart remains tranquil and peaceful at this moment, in spite of outside worldly din. Immersed in light and shadow, one can’t help lamenting how time has elapsed.

Absolute Carpet Tile is a durable solution for the commercial space. Armstrong Flooring offers an extensive selection of colours and designs – all with easy installation and maintenance. And the PRO-CARE system helps to ensure carpet tile looks newer, longer.


We would always appreciate the fantastic contours and varied forms of landscapes in the nature. Lakes and running water, either lake nearby and hills in a distance, or ripples stirring up the dancing light, amaze us with uncanny workmanship that the nature renders. Irregular contours and overlapping reflections form varying combinations of patterns, and matched with the application of earth tones and landscape colours, the beauty of artistic conception as if dialoguing with landscape is thereby revealed.

Paisaje - Utoco

Paisaje - Brickans


Rock is a material that reminds people of the industrial sense. Once implanted into carpet patterns, it will reveal a special sense of design, especially suitable for the prevailing style of post-industrial vintage design. The cold impression of texture, matched with the warm and cozy feel as if we walk on it, will create a special decoration effect.


Designers often integrate natural elements into unique space designs. Enjoyable mountains and rivers, or primitive forest and the earth - it is just an original thirst for human to get closer to the nature. The use of natural textures leads the trend of design, and allows us with a breath of nature while living in cities. Texture of trees from the natural world and flexible nature assortment are making contributions to producing a relieving and tranquil visual atmosphere.


Tour across the botanical garden, along the riverside, or nestle at the pavilion trade sceneries with moving steps. Latticed window and crystal lights are everywhere. With vacant pane, its delicate pattern, enabling the space a taste of vividness. Outside the window, its looming scenery, leaving the surrounding a feeling of fantasy. Stand in front of the window, memorizing the pleased and peaceful life during the golden age. The panes print faintly onto the emerald bricks, lingering in people like the trace of age.

From ancient to now on, this beauty of delicacy and subtleness can always become the stream, passing to generation of generation of its gracefulness and lingering charm.

Jardin - Lattice

Jardin - Riffle


Street trees in the city represent the return to nature, making room for the drips of greenness in the cement forest. The natural texture of tree bark not only renders delicate texture, but also creates a concave-and-convex texture, with smooth and stretching lines. It thus bestows a natural and cordial feel onto the space.


This city of the future has no boundary between day and night, with curtains of glass outlining the eternal skyline. Skyscrapers grow like the jungle, fighting to reach the heavens. Below, the subway stretches its roots, whistling as it passes as if it possesses the vitality of life. 

Vertically and horizontally the soul of the city is elevated, constantly driving towards the place of dreams. The hurried passers-by have all morphed into a singular grey figure, the strange crowd hides unknowns.


The beauty of nature is usually accompanied by lights and shadows. Beauty, either dynamic or static, would appear as light varies in an infinite manner. The regular stripes of this series make a strong contrast with the cross texture. And the rhythm of beauty abounds in the distinctive styles of patterns - extraordinary and beautiful.

Just recently, Staglag's colour ranges are updated to include even more SKUs. This upgraded Staglag 2.0 aids you in a wider range of colours to choose from.

Staglag - Svira

Staglag - Tilson


Elegance involves minimalism and restraint, and contains the wisdom of simplicity. Normcore is a clean, monochromatic system that is low-key, soft, and unobtrusive. Its emotions are faint, but it seems as if there is something hidden underneath the “nothing-like” appearance. Cool colors skillfully blended together make the same space particularly brilliant.

Do not rely on the external noise, but rather emphasize inner self-examination. Only with extreme confidence, have the courage to allow everything to return to its original appearance. 

Normcore - N1

Normcore - N2


People’s personalities tend to become increasingly introverted within metropolises. Against the backdrop of hurried footsteps across the office, coordination cannot go wrong with this intellectual light grey and handsome navy-blue. 

Melody will cause heads to suddenly turn, a variety of colours jumping out to catch the eyes, like commencing a new movement. Canary yellow brings the breath of early spring. Willow green has the look of gentle grass. A touch of crimson, blooming like limitless heat in the midst of a bleak background, makes people stop to look. A faint ray extends to the edge of the ground, lending a casual liveliness to this new style. 


In early evening dotted with neon signs, the street is crowded with people and endless traffic. The evening lights are lit up one by one, showing the way for those people who return to the night. People’s spirits are raised by shadows of lofty buildings soaring into the sky. 

The wandering heart are soothed amidst hustling and bustling in a swanky glittering din. What’s reflected in the wine glass is no other than her lonely silhouette. A touch of splendor in dim twilight remains in one’s memory forever. 


Tired of complex intersecting lines or luxuriant dazzling patterns, it is more likely for us to look for simple patterns. Rather than contests in space and beauty, simple light mapping shall form unique lines and ground texture, which will be created pure and clean. Just like the pure air, once owned you'll feel as the most precious treasure is found. 


Living in a utilitarian society, more and more people are yearning for a plain, peaceful, rural existence. Amish, Pennsylvania, is such a paradise. 

The Amish carpet tile series, from design to production, reimagines this traditional craft by fusing technology with nature: true to its natural roots, but with a more modern atmosphere. At the foot of every color block are alternations of dark and light, causing one to feel immersed in a rural setting, as if returning to the Amish sunshine. 

With Amish, each style is a meticulously designed unique pattern. Every shade, perfectly echoes its surrounding environment. 


High and low loop-piles shall reflect small stereoscopic squares. Colours are elegant and calm, with stereo texture, like the afternoon sunlight sneaking into the room through window lattice and casting a shadow onto the tatami. It is suitable for Japanese-style color matching, and beautiful transition performances would be created with low-key colours and stereo texture.


The series is named after Erik Satie - a French pioneer of impressionist classical composers in the 20th century. The series boasts the most abundant colours. A rich variety of 36 colours, as matched per different directions and colours, shall form varied floor performances. Meanwhile, the approximately pure colour texture makes colours more apparent expressive more distinctive.