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Getz Bros Singapore is one of the few companies in Singapore to have an extensive experience in raised floors / access flooring. The Access Floor System is an innovative system that raises the original floor height by a few cm and hides all communication wires and service popes under the false floor.

Eclipse raised floors are available in following 5 panel types:

  • *Cementitious
  • *Calcium Sulphate
  • Aluminium Grating
  • Steel Perforated
  • FRC
* Variation of surface finishes available. View below gallery for more information.

Main Features of Eclipse Raised Floor System
  • Wire management solution
  • Easy maintenance of IT, Communication and services
  • No structural modification to building & flooring
  • Easy installation & dismantling
  • Superior static, dynamic and ultimate load performance
  • Excellent grounding and electrical continuity
  • Meets fire-safety requirements

Types of Panels Available

Cementitious Panel

Calcium Sulphate Panel

Bare Panel
Calcium Sulphate Panel

Aluminium Grating Panel

Steel Perforated Panel

FRC Panel

Grating Panel
Perforated Panel
FRC Panel

Types of Finishes Available

The below finishes are available for the Cementitious and Calcium Sulphate panels.
For more information, feel free to drop us a call or email us and we are able to advice the best options for you.

Bare Finish

Bare Panel (top)

High Pressure Laminated Finish (HPL)

Eclipse HPL Panel #2144
Eclipse HPL Panel #2137
Eclipse HPL Panel #2119
Eclipse HPL Panel #2132
Eclipse HPL Panel #2191
Eclipse HPL Panel #2192
Eclipse HPL Panel #2133
Eclipse HPL Panel #2138

Conductive Vinyl Finish